With significant experience in the NZ marine industry, our staff are adept at stainless steel and alloy fabrication. Our capabilities however extend further than boats however, as we are now targeting the growing market for structural and architectural stainless work.

What We Can Do:

  •  Stainless and alloy flashings
  •  Stainless and alloy pipework
  •  Marine stainless
  •  Bow rails
  •  Rocket launchers
  •  Baitboards and fixtures
  •  Boarding rails and custom ladders
  •  Bow rails
  •  Alloy / Stainless balustrades & handrails
  •  Alloy sign frames
  •  Gates
  •  Stainless steel downpipes
  •  Stainless and alloy rainheads
  •  Stainless steel polishing
  •  Stainless brackets and frames
  •  Alloy boat repairs & modifications